Building bridges

Storms River Bridge – South Africa                                                                                 Photograph;  Annette Jahnel

What if we still had intact all the knowledge of all the ages of man….what would have become of us?

The greatest explorers have been, will always be; the deep thinkers, the radical questioners and the fearless searchers for answers. When these explorers – of the intangible unknown – move too far ahead of the crowd they leave behind books as bridges.

Through the ages, from Alexandria to Apartheid, these bridges have been destroyed by those that prefer personal power to global harmony.

In having had this thought this morning I realise, in writing my next book I must constantly ask;  will this be a bridge or a roadblock?

The internet presents us all with a unique opportunity to rebuild knowledge, to send out new explorers to the ends of the mind and to share new knowledge. When we write here we must ask, are we helping to build bridges or just creating a traffic jam?

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