The Mindful Revolution

Have you ever said “”what was I thinking?’ odds are you weren’t thinking, but only reacting. Neuroscience has been used for many years by corporations to guide our thinking into specific habits that will ensure we react in ways that are profitable to them when they set out certain triggers.

In working my way through the ‘Power of Habit’ I have come to see that over the past decade or two, our minds have literally been habituated to consume. The statement that ‘shopping is my hobby’ is really not something you want to reveal in public. It fingers you as soft-brained and easily manipulated.

At first I was horrified, but having also read the ‘The art of war’ know that I can turn the enemies weapons to my advantage. Now that I know how data collectors, statisticians and advertising agencies are paid piles of money to try to control my mind I can actively work at not letting them.

My current mindful exercise is to walk all the isles in a supermarket, and each time I have an urge to buy something, talk it through in my head, resist the urge, and walk out without having bought anything.

The Mindful Revolution is to reclaim control of your thoughts.

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