The Essential Knowledge co. was born out of a conversation with a principal of one of South Africa’s biggest private school franchises.

After a discussion about the need to include mindfulness training into the school curriculum, the conversation drifted to the general state of education in South Africa, which she concluded with the statement “the problem is that matric is actually useless.” I nodded sagely, yes this was sad, but true.

Why do we allow this statement to be true? How can society allow children, many of whom have barely the resources to survive, to go through 12 years of schooling carrying with them the hope that all these years will help them out of the misery into which they were born. All the while, the educators at all the private and public organisations that regulate the schooling in South Africa know it is all a waste of time, as matric is useless, other than to gain you entrance into a tertiary education institution. Where many of the degrees are also useless.

Allowing this thought to be true is a failure of the collective brains of those who control the education systems of South Africa and the world.

With this in mind, the concept of the Essential Knowledge co. was born,  and with it the idea of a life long learning center, the Essential Knowledge co. Academy,  in which anyone, without the need to pay money,  can acquire whatever beneficial knowledge they need to uplift themselves and their society. Read more about this here.

All knowledge starts with knowing how to control your brain, and this is the first step to building the sustainable, harmonious future we all hope for. The only compulsory learning at The Essential Knowledge co. Academy is comprehensive brain training, cognitive exercise, and contemplation practices, aimed at developing peak mental performance in each student. The stronger, fitter, and flexible the brain, the greater the spectrum of knowledge that can be accessed, understood, and converted into beneficial action.

The Essential Knowledge co. looks to the future with the purpose of developing brains that are able to deal with the increasing speed of unpredictable change that will be the only assured part of that future.

Research by The World Economic Forum has shown that not only will many of today’s children have jobs when they enter the job market that do not yet exist, but also that many adults will have their own career paths disrupted by technology. To enable you and your children to move through this transition successfully, the following mental skills are required to turn yourselves into agile lifelong learners, comfortable with continuous adaptation, and willing to move across industries.

  • Resilience to overcoming high psychological and intellectual barriers.
  • Communication, observation, empathy, and logical thinking: foundation skills such as critical thinking, coordination, social perceptiveness, active listening, and complex problem-solving.
  • Global competencies cultural awareness, language, and adaptability.
  • Critical thinking, empathy, emotional intelligence, tolerance for ambiguity, self-efficacy, visual-spatial skills.
  • Working collaboratively and understanding new perspectives.
  • Intellectual flexibility and adaptability, problem-solving, self-management, and self-motivation.

It all starts by training and toning the one body part that you probably never think about – your brain.

The first step in changing anything, is being aware of where the change takes place first. The source of all change is in your brain. To effectively initiate or assimilate change requires higher mental skills, all of which must be en-trained.

By surveying 350 executive across 9 industries in 15 of the world’s biggest economies, The World Economic Forum identified 10 skills that will land you high-paying jobs by 2020.

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Negotiation skills
  • Service orientation
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Coordinating with others
  • People management
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Complex problem-solving

The Essential Knowledge co. draws on the global experience of its founder Annette Jahnel. Author, artist, and adventurer whose focus in her books, art, keynotes, and coaching, is the journey from brain to mind; the greatest, most challenging adventure anyone will ever take. The only adventure worthy of the name.

When Annette is asked which places she would like to visit again; she quotes from her books.

‘It is the in between places, places between cities and tourist hot-spots, where few decide to stop, in these places I discovered the place I most like to visit, again and again. That place is the vast universe of creation and possibility that exists in our mind.” –– My Year of Beds

“The infinite universe of the mind is the new horizon, the uncharted sea of possibility that will beckon the explorers of tomorrow. Adventurers who will slip gently into the deep abyss that is the mind-field, returning with tales of wondrous places, new realities, and we will not believe them until we learn to go there too.” –– Searching for Galileo


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